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Property Management - seldom are there two words which strike more fear and dread into the hearts of investors and rightly so. When you consider the multitudes of problems and ensuing headaches that result from a single day engaged in this bane of business, a property manager can help provide relief and reduce an investors worries.

DALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. has a way out of dealing with disgruntled tenants, etc., saving the owner the headache of constantly thinking about how to handle the tenant. 

Just imagine - having a well-qualified person handle all your collection of rents and past due accounts - having someone else keep all your operational expense records and calling the necessary repair people - having a trained and experienced expert handle filling vacant units, maintenance schedules, etc. - then you have just imagined DALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC!!

Gene and Diana Rash of DALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. are just such people - a dream come true for the investor beleaguered by the mundane aspects of owning property. With DALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. and its crew on your side, all you have to do is sit back and watch your profits soar!

Gene and Diana have years in the Property Management field here in Anchorage, and we are convinced that not only are they the most qualified, but the right people for YOUR job.

Give Gene or Diana a call at 563-7620 and inquire today about how they can restore valuable time to you by effectively managing your property and caring for problems before they develop!!

If you want to rest easy knowing that your hard-earned properties are really being professionally cared for, if you want to be confident that as an owner you will be well represented to your tenants, if you want to stop worrying about finding new tenants or timely collection of fees ... then you want DALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC., Gene and Diana Rash!

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